Parliamentary Polls


Katatni: Post-Revolution Egyptians Will Not Allow Vote-Rigging

While in postrevolution Egypt government has no hand in managing elections, certain opposition politicians insist on forming a new Cabinet, at these critical times, before forthcoming parliamentary polls; and Katatni

Sisters aspire to equality within Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

The first time Asmaa Shehata managed to free herself from conservative family rules and a mother-imposed curfew was when she slept on the street for three nights among hundreds of

Passing the Buck – Who Is to Blame for the Church Bombings?

If it were only an outdated Emergency Law, poverty, rigged elections, corruption, and police brutality, Egypt would be bearable, but now we have terrorist attacks against a minority group and

NDP Has Challenges Cut Out for It

Egypt's parliamentary elections that ended on December 5 could be described as unprecedented not because the ruling National Democratic Party won the majority of votes and monopolized the chamber but

NDP claims struggle against MB is continuous

According to an article posted on the ruling regime's National Democratic Party's official website its struggle with the popular Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement was "not over".

MB Delegation Meets with Ghad Party and NAC to Discuss Poll Irregularities and Next Phase

The Muslim Brotherhood Wednesday held meetings with political opposition factions to discuss violations witnessed during the parliamentary polls held last week. MB chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie met with Dr. Ayman

MB Chooses to Boycott Second Round of Polls

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie has officially announced the group's decision to boycott the runoff elections scheduled for next Sunday.

Countdown to Polls Reveals NDP Will Stop at Nothing

Hours ahead of the scheduled parliamentary election polls the Egyptian High Elections Commission has failed to implement a court order to reinstate a number of opposition and independent candidates it

Reporters Without Borders Condemns Harassment of Journalists by Egyptian Ruling Regime

Reporters without Borders condemn an increase in measures to monopolize news and information and suppress freedom of expression in the run-up to Egypt’s parliamentary polls scheduled for 28 November.

Egyptian Court Refuses Nomination of Senior Government Official for the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

The Supreme Administrative Court of Egypt led by Judge Adel Azab accepted the lawsuit lodged by Mahmoud Hamed Diab Kandil against Minister of State for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Mufid