Peaceful Change


MB: Open to Dialogue As Long as It Respects the Masses Demands

The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie has stated that January 25th, Day of Rage protests has stuck an incredible sense of pride among Egyptians as the world witnessed Egyptians

Ikhwanweb: Egypt’s Revolution Is a People’s Revolution with No Islamic Agenda

Ikhwanweb, the Muslim Brotherhood’s official English website editor in chief Khaled Hamza has stated that the current uprising in Egypt is a revolution of the Egyptian people and is by

MB Chairman: Through peaceful perseverance peace will be attained

In the latest message by the Muslim Brotherhoods chairman Dr. MOhamed Badie called on the Muslims to keep the faith and unity and to remain optimistic.

El-Baradei’s Support Committee Distributes Pamphlets Reviving Call for Change

Presidential candidate, Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei’s support committee distributed pamphlets in Alexandria urging people to support the call for reform and change and the end of violence and violations in police

Will the NDP’s House of Cards Collapse?

The regime argues that it won the 2010 elections because of its efficiency – despite the documented fraud -, as its candidates were highly trained and because communication groups were

Egypt’s real state of emergency

Egypt has recently held yet another fraudulent and farcical election. Ballot boxes were stuffed. Votes were bought. People who considered voting for the opposition were subjected to violence by professional

ElBaradei, MB and Opposition Vow No More Khaled Saeeds

In a historical union delegates from all political opposition forces met in the Egyptian governorate of Minya. Differences in ideology were set aside as forces from the Muslim Brotherhood, the

MB Chairman Demands International Supervision of Elections

MB Chairman, Dr Mohamed Badie, called for international supervision by the United Nations of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

MB MP: We do not call for revolutions and believe only in peaceful change

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, Saleh ascertained that the MB does not believe in revolutions or violence, in fact they support only peaceful and legal channels for change to combat