Peaceful Demonstration


Egypt Anti-Coup Live Streaming Links and Video of Nationwide Protests

Egypt Anti-Coup Live Streaming Links and Video of Nationwide Protests

Pro-Legitimacy Alliance Statement at Conclusion of ‘Overturning The Coup’ Friday

Pro-Legitimacy, Anti-Coup Alliance statement pays tribute to the Egyptian people who came out in what monitors estimated to be tens of millions of protesters across Egypt, rejecting the military coup.

Statement by the Anti-Coup Alliance in Response to Sisi’s Speech

As the Egyptian people were waiting for the coup leaders to regret the crimes they committed against the nation and its people (confiscating popular will and shedding blood of Egyptians)

Two Anti-Coup Women Rallies to Egypt MoD and National Council for Human Rights

‘Women Against Coup’ organizes many events and activities in support of female victims of the coup masterminds’ security apparatus.

FJP: Khaled Saeed Murderers Now Kill Women; Killed Copts in ‘Two Saints’ Church

Freedom and Justice Party affirms that the murderers of Khaled Saeed are the same security operatives who killed Christians in ‘Two Saints’ Church in Alexandria, in 2011, and now kill

Muslim Brotherhood: We Respect Right to Peaceful Protest and Demonstration

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters and offices across the country will remain open on August 24 and 25, despite dubious calls by old regime hangovers to attack and vandalize them.

Freedom and Justice Party Supports Peaceful Demonstration Rights

A decades-long malignant, but utterly worthless campaign of slander and deliberate disinformation has yet to convince Egyptian media of the ineffectuality of their stubborn endeavors to paint the Muslim Brotherhood

Sawasya: Ambiguity Surrounds Maspero’s Bloody Sunday As Eyewitness Accounts Conflict

Sawasya Centre for Human Rights confirmed that ambiguity and uncertainty obscure the causes of the Maspero events and how they unfolded due to contradictory testimonies of Egyptian citizens, Muslims and

Free Elections, Not Repression, Most Viable Way to handle Egypt’s Crisis, Says FJP

The FJP has witnessed the unfortunate events that unfolded around ??Maspero, Cairo, with deep sadness.

Yemen: UN Human Rights Report Calls for Immediate Action to Protect Civilians

A report published Tuesday by a UN human rights assessment mission to Yemen calls for immediate action to protect civilians, respect the right to peaceful demonstration and to address the