Peaceful Demonstrations


PRESS RELEASE: Open Letter to Governments regarding the Death Sentences Passed by the Military Regime

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you today to make a direct request that your government intercede with the Egyptian regime to reverse the death sentence handed out to political

Revolutionary Women Coalition Reminds of Egypt Orphans

On the World Orphans Day, Egypt's revolutionary women coalition reminds of the plight of thousands of orphaned, detained and tortured children in Egypt.

Anti-Coup Alliance Denounces Political Executions

Egypt's pro-democracy national coalition condemns the illegitimate coup's intensely politicized mass death sentences and hails the martyrs' children as the pride of the homeland.

National Alliance Calls ‘Together for Deliverance’ Friday Peaceful Protest Action

Egyptians expect Al-Sisi's presidential program to aim for a police state, run by a repressive military regime that would fail miserably, notwithstanding its maximum force handling of dissent.

MP Al-Komi: Community Dialogue to Precede Parliament Final Approval of Protest Law

Egypt parliament debates new law to protect right to peaceful protest and demonstration, which will be passed only after nation-wide community consultation and dialogue.

Al-Azhar Demands Release of Bangladesh Scholars and Preachers

Egypt’s Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s oldest and most revered seat of learning, urges the Bangladeshi government to stop the anti-Islamist crackdown and release Islamists unjustly tried for political reasons.

Muslim Brotherhood Presser Wednesday: Coalition, Coordination Possible in Upcoming Elections

As Egypt gears up for celebration of the second anniversary of the January 25 revolution, the Brotherhood seeks to raise the morale of all Egyptians by organizing many societal service

MB Statement On Current Domestic And Regional Affairs

The Muslim Brotherhood issued its weekly statement weighting on several current domestic and regional affairs that affect Egypt, including the situation in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

MB Continues Struggle for Egyptians’ Rights

The July 8th demonstration was originally a message for'constitution first', but it is also calling for justice, as Egyptians are outraged over the acquittal of Mubarak's ministers as well as

Egypt: Five Things To Know Going Into The “Day of Persistence”

The Egyptian authorities are making a mistake if they don’t believe that the demonstrators represent the Egyptian people. In addition to the April 6th Youth Movement and the ‘We Are