Peaceful Gatherings


MB Confirms It Will Participate in the ‘Cleansing Friday’ Rally Calling for the Prosecution of

The Muslim Brotherhood confirmed their intention to participate in this Friday’s demonstration to be held in Tahrir Square, and suggested calling it the 'Friday of Purging'.

Taking Stock of the Arab Revolutions

The downfall of Ben Ali’s regime was itself the spark for the Egyptian revolution, which erupted eleven days later. By February 11, the Egyptian regime had also collapsed when its

Yemen Seeking Reform Through Revolution

With daunting challenges facing President Saleh's regime in Yemen for many years, the uprisings there, triggered by unrest in Tunisia and Egypt , were not surprising. Yemen is dealing with

The New Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

The Brotherhood, in its current form, will not run in the coming elections. It is forming a new “Freedom and Justice Party,” which will be administratively separate from the Brotherhood,

Morsy: Mubarak’s Trial a Popular and Urgent Demand

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, a member of the MB Executive Bureau and the group's media spokesman, has emphasized that Egypt's revolution has already achieved a fraction of the demands while transition

Lawyers Syndicate Calls for Clearing the Ministry of Interior and Dismissal of Mahmoud Wagdy

The Human Rights Committee in the Lawyers Syndicate called on the Supreme Council for Armed Forces to completely change the staff in the Ministry of Interior statring with Minister Mahmoud

Egypt: Keeping State Security ,Allowing Police officers To Demonstrate And Rewarding Them Then Warning Workers

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today that the warnings of the Supreme Council of the forces of military and religious leaders to the workers and urging them

Security Expert: Fire on Anti-government Protesters Issued by a Presidential Decree

Major General Mansour Eisawy, security expert and former aid to the interior minister, has stressed that a decision to fire on demonstrators was not issued by Habib al-Adli,

International Report: Corruption Costs Egypt $6 bn Annually

Crime and corruption cost Egypt approximately $6 billion per year and a total of $57.2 billion from 2000 to 2008, according to a report by Global Financial Integrity (GFI).

MB: Our resolve is only strengthened following televised statement

For the past eighteen days Egypt has witnessed a revolution which has united the people of Egypt in a nationwide call for democracy and freedom.