Peaceful Protest


Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Celebrate Steadfastness” Protest Week

Eid Al-Adha (Muslims’ Feast of Sacrifice) is onto us, and in every home in Egypt there are poor people or families of political prisoners suffering horrific atrocities under the military

Detained Mum-of-Four Shireen Bekheet’s Heart-Rending Message from Coup Junta’s Dark Dungeons

Days pass slowly, in dark and oppressive monotony, inside Qanater Prison for Women where my life has become a mirage, and I have lost almost all hope of getting released.

Egypt Revolutionary Women Coalition Marks Rabaa Massacre Fourth Anniversary

On the fourth anniversary of the bloodiest and most horrific massacre in Egypt’s modern history, the Revolutionary Coalition for Egyptian Women (RCEW) affirms that it is no time for silent

Egypt National Alliance Calls “Rabaa Massacre Continues” Peaceful Protest Week

Four lean years have passed since the horrific Rabaa and Nahda massacres – the massacres of the century. Four years, but the vengeful blood-spilling has not stopped. Four years of

Fahmi: Muslim Brotherhood History Proves Group Never Was a Terrorist Organization

Dr Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, said the group was a defender of the homeland, never a terrorist group. "Hassan Al-Hudaibi, the group’s former Chairman, was the President of

Egypt National Alliance Calls “Stop Extrajudicial Killings” Protest Week

The revolutions of the Arab Spring were all about restoring power to oppressed peoples who had long suffered tyranny and corruption from elites who came against the will of the

Muslim Brotherhood Salutes Aqsa Protests in Defense of Muslims’ Third Holiest Site

Saturday witnessed a new Intifada, a popular revolt, and a renewed awakening in the hearts of Arab and Muslim peoples in support of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the cause of Palestine,

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls “Save Al-Aqsa” Peaceful Protest Week

The Zionist occupiers in Palestine are taking advantage of the Arabs’ and Muslims’ preoccupation with their own disputes, even battles. The Zionists have closed Al-Aqsa Mosque and compound, Muslims’ third

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls “Save the Forcibly Disappeared” Peaceful Protest Week

As the military coup regime in Egypt feels the growing public anger against it and its policies, it is acting with hysterical nervousness, killing citizens in cold blood, ordering judges

National Alliance Statement on Coup Interior Ministry Crimes in Attack on Alexandria Peaceful Protest

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Alexandria condemns the brutal attack on the peaceful march by Abu Suleiman residents in eastern Alexandria, where coup security forces used excessive force and