Peaceful Protesters


Ibrahim Mounir: Muslim Brotherhood Determined to End Coup

 Ibrahim Mounir, Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman, said the group would not abandon its role rejecting the military coup in Egypt, until the full ouster of general Sisi’s repressive regime, even if

Muslim Brotherhood Marks the Day Junta Treachery Bullets Killed 53 Worshippers, Including 5 Children

The world woke up at dawn on Monday – July 8, 2013 to the horrifying sounds of the Egyptian army’s and security forces’ bullets tearing the flesh of thousands of

Military Junta Forces Massacre Basarta Village People in Egypt Nile Delta

As forces of the military junta in Egypt massacre Basarta village (north of Cairo) – like they did in Delga and Kerdasa – with 13 young girls rounded up and

Anti-Coup Coalition to All Egyptians: Save Egypt Real Future

Egypt's pro-democracy National Alliance issues a statement vowing to remain in session and urging all Egyptians to save the homeland from military-coup plots to sell off its future.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Media Spokesman Montaser: Revolution Will Not Recognize Egypt Sell-Out

The Brotherhood's Mohamed Montaser reiterates the group's rejection of the Sharm El Sheikh conference in which the failing murderer Al-Sisi and his traitorous regime endeavor to sell Egypt's future to

January 25 Campaign Preparations Start ‘Together We Stand’ Protest Week

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance issues a new statement calling all patriotic Egyptians to close ranks and unite in preparation for the forthcoming wave of anti-coup protests on January 25,

Egypt Revolution – 18 Days in Tahrir, 18 Months in All Liberty Squares

In 18 months, the mad military junta executed more than 10 massacres, arbitrarily arrested and detained more than 41 thousand protesters, raided the homes of thousands, chased and persecuted thousands

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Statement Applauds Revolutionaries Ingenuity, Selfless Devotion

Egypt's broadbased coalition of anti-coup parties and groups pays tribute to the revolutionaries and the families of martyrs.

Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh Strongly Condemns Brutal Police Assault, Arrest of Peaceful Protesters

The Islamic Group in Bangladesh denounces brutal and vengeful attacks by fascist government forces against demonstrators, in which police used live ammunition, injured many and arrested hundreds.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Justice Indivisible

Such is Egypt's lopsided justice today that ousted Mubarak's evident crimes take 3 years of 'careful consideration'; but hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood leaders are dealt mass death sentences in minutes.