Peaceful Revolution


Hafsa Shoman, Youngest FJP Candidate, Vows to Defend Women Rights

Hafsa Atef Shoman is not a day over twenty-five. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English language and literature. The Freedom and Justice party (FJP) in Beheira governorate

Gamal Tajuddin: Lawsuits to Cancel Elections Derail Democracy

In an interview with IkhwanWeb, Jamal Tajuddin, Secretary General of the Freedoms Committee of the Egyptian Bar Association and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, described 17 lawsuits filed in court

Yemeni Congregation for Reform Congratulates Tawakkul Karman

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Ba-Fadel, president of the parliamentary bloc of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (YCR), Yemen's Muslim Brotherhood, congratulated the Yemeni political activist Tawakkul Karman, member of the YCR, for

Syrian MB Denies Power Sharing With Regime

Muslim Brotherhood comptroller in Syria, Riyad Alshaqfa, asserted that the group has not and will not accept the initiative of dividing governance with the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

Cairo University Holds Conference Highlighting Lessons of the Revolution

A conference has been organized highlighting the lessons learned from Egypt’s nonviolent revolution which succeeded in toppling former president Mubarak and his corrupt regime.

Does Optimism with Egyptian Revolution Fade with the Return of Sectarian Violence?

No one in Egypt would have imagined that with the outbreak of the revolution on January 25, many of the chronic problems that the Egyptian society had suffered for decades,

Abdul Rahman Mansour Another Man Behind the Revolution

Following the revelation of Wael Ghoneim Google's now famous executive as being behind the People’s Revolution it’s only fair to announce that others were among the admin of January 25th

A Campaign on Facebook to Nominate “Liberation Martyrs” for the Nobel Prize

A number of Facebook activists launched an e-campaign entitled "Nominating the martyrs of Egypt's peaceful revolution for 2011 Nobel Peace Prize”. The campaign aims at honouring the martyrs,