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Ahmed Arif: Muslim Brotherhood is Keen to Reconcile Legal Status

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood reiterates its resolve to legalize its status once a relevant law – currently being discussed by the country’s upper house of parliament – is passed.

Egypt Opinion Leaders: Overthrow Attempts Against Democracy Aim to Delay Democratization

Leaders of opinion in Egypt denounce coup against legitimate, democratically elected institutions by the elite representing minority opposition who want to impose their will over the majority.

Darrag: Drafting of Egypt’s Constitution End of This Week

Assuring that Egypt’s upcoming Constitution caters for all society and citizens, the charter-writing panel announces final authoring of the country’s most important document at the end of this week.

Gamal Heshmat: The 2nd Article in Egypt’s Constitution is Supported by Most Egyptians

Freedom and Justice Party’s Dr. Gamal Heshmat exhorts all members of Egypt’s constitution-writing panel to take the middle-ground, show tolerance and understanding, so the panel may complete its mission and

Huda Ghaniya: New Constitution Will Make Women Worthy First-Class Citizens

Egyptian lawmaker Ms Huda Ghaniya affirms that allocating a quota for women in Egypt’s constituent panel entrusted with writing the country’s new national charter is an unjustified overt encroachment upon

Erian to Al-Ahram Newspaper: President Morsi Does Not Succumb to Pressure

Cairo – Egypt, June 17, 2012: Translation of the Freedom and Justice Party’s Essam El-Erian Interview with Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper in which he assures that despite all the tumultuous events,

National Front Statement on Decree Revoking Military Council Decision to Disband Parliament

Cairo – Monday, July 09: Translation of Egyptian National Front’s statement on the decree issued Sunday by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi rescinding the military council’s earlier decision to disband the

Freedom and Justice Party Hails Decree Reinstating Parliament as Victory for Popular Will

Egyptian legal experts and Freedom and Justice leaders express hope that the military council would respect popular will and the legal validity of the President’s decree to bring back the

Adviser to the President: New Committee is Formed to Re-Investigate Killing of Revolutionaries

For his first 100 days in office, Dr. Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, has a long list of important, even crucial, tasks to go through; and he is certainly

President Mohamed Morsi’s Speech at Cairo University, Saturday, June 30, after Taking Oath of Office

President Mohamed Morsi assured that Egypt would never turn back to dark despotic times of repression and tyranny, promising a bright, prosperous future for the homeland and all Egyptians as