People’s Assembly


Azza Al-Garf Regrets Attacks on Freedom and Dignity of Women

Following last Sunday’s sex assault on British journalist Natasha Smith, by a mob of thugs, MP Azza Al-Garf stresses that existing laws must be applied firmly to stop this becoming

Beltagy: Extended Dialogue Among Revolutionary Forces for Real All-Embracing Partnership

Freedom and Justice party reaches out to all parties, groups and movements across Egypt’s revolutionary and political spectrum, seeking a powerful broad alliance in the face of tyrannical forces of

Freedom and Justice Party Pledges Participation in All Popular Actions to Achieve Revolution Goals

‘In liberty square, until parliament returns’ is one of the slogans Egyptians chant in the famed protest rendezvous, in the heart of Cairo; and is the FJP’s promise to the

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on The Complementary Constitutional Declaration

There is one word to describe the interim ruling Military Council (SCAF)’s rush to dissolve Egypt’s first ever freely elected parliament, ostensibly because the SCAF-made law on which parliamentary elections

Katatny: SCAF’s Complementary Constitutional Declaration is Null and Void

Katatni tells SCAF complementary constitutional declaration is – for many reasons, evidently unconstitutional, as he rejects both the dissolution of the elected Parliament and SCAF’s addendum to the Constitutional Declaration.

People’s Assembly Speaker’s Press Statement on Parliament Dissolution Decision

Dr. Katatni receives constitutional court verdict invalidating certain articles of parliamentary law, while some charter experts argue that such a ruling does not apply at all to current freely and

Press Statement by People’s Assembly Speaker on Constitutional Court Ruling

Even to the most casual onlooker, there seems to be truth in the suggestion that interim Prime Minister Ganzouri is delivering on his promise to dissolve Egyptian parliament, despite the

MP Suleiman: Runoff Results Prove Egyptians Abroad Refuse Old Regime Replication

With runoff counts of Egyptian expats’ ballots nearly finished, Morsi wins a landslide victory in the presidential elections, which some see as an indication of results to expect in voting

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constituent Assembly Agreement

After week-long meetings with various political parties and community leaders, the Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP reaches broad consensus on criteria for formation of the panel entrusted with authoring Egypt’s new national