People’s Assembly


Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constituent Assembly Agreement

After week-long meetings with various political parties and community leaders, the Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP reaches broad consensus on criteria for formation of the panel entrusted with authoring Egypt’s new national

Beltagy: Parliament’s Key Achievements are Distorted, Vilified

FJP Secretary General, Beltagy, criticizes media for mostly ignoring – when not vilifying – the post-revolution parliament’s important and unprecedented achievements, and urges effective action to face up to old

Impossible Similarity between Freedom and Justice Party and the Dissolved National Party

It is evident that some people hate Islamic movements regardless of what they are or whatever they are about in terms of ideas, ideologies and history. It is a kind

Adel Hamid: We Seek Release of Abbassiya Detainees

Freedom and Justice party lawmaker affirms that the Egyptian People’s Assembly (lower house of parliament) will not relinquish the rights and freedoms of Egyptians, no matter what the cost.

Diab: Morsi Chances in Presidential Race Very High

Rejecting as false Egyptian media reports that the Muslim Brotherhood’s popularity is fading and its presidential candidate has no chance of winning, a distinguished FJP lawmaker affirms that most opinion

Freedom and Justice Party Denies Proposing Constitutional Court Bill

Egyptian lawmaker denies FJP has submitted a bill to amend the provisions of the supreme constitutional court law.

Osama Yassin: Revolution Needs President to Head Off Anti-Revolution Forces

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood political wing, the FJP, warns the public against complacency, pointing that the remaining days before the country’s first post-revolution presidential election are just as sensitive and crucial

Dr. Mohamed Morsi – A Brief Biography

A brief biography of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader and contender in the forthcoming presidential race slated for 23 and 24 May 2012.

Parliament Suspends Sessions for One Week to Protest Ganzouri Government

Escalating parliamentary action to pressure SCAF to dissolve the incumbent Egyptian Cabinet, the People’s Assembly goes on a one-week strike.

Dr. Katatni Urges All Parties for Broad Consensus on Constitution-Writing Panel Criteria

The Speaker of the Egyptian People’s Assembly calls on all principal actors on the scene to genuinely seek to reach consensus on criteria for formation of the country’s constitution-authoring committee.