People’s Assembly


Highlights of Egypt’s Legitimate President Morsi Testimony in Fabricated ‘Spying’ Lawsuit

Before the July 3, 2013 coup d'état in Egypt, President Morsi endeavored to protect the homeland's security as well as the army's reputation.

Egyptian Parliament Sessions to be Held in Turkey

Egypt's legitimate lawmakers hold a press conference to announce resumption of parliament sessions in exile, in Turkey's capital Istanbul.

Freedom and Justice Party Coordinates with Independents for Forthcoming Parliament Polls

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, endeavors to coordinate with Egypt’s patriotic personalities for ‘individual’ seats in the country’s next House of Representatives.

Tosson Urges Community Dialogue to Discuss Election Law Constitutional Court Opinion

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Tosson urges more positive community dialogue and internal Shura Council discussions on Egypt’s Constitutional Court demands for amendments of certain articles in draft law on parliamentary

Al-Garf: Freedom and Justice Party Has Comprehensive Parliamentary Agenda

Freedom and Justice Party women endeavor to alleviate the suffering of the people, just as the party gears up for forthcoming parliamentary elections.

Heshmat: Current Crisis Calls for Dialogue, Not Confrontation and Escalation

Freedom and Justice leader Heshmat assures everyone would be pleased, if they knew the President’s Constitutional Declaration safeguards the democratic transformation process, and that the national charter is a document

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: People Protect Legitimacy and Vote for New Constitution

Amid desperate and persistent attempts to keep Egypt in a permanent state of chaos and confusion, the Muslim Brotherhood and other patriotic pro-democracy parties and movements mobilize to defend the

Judicial Body: President Prudent Decision Protects Revolution

Seeing the world through tunnel vision certainly makes media professionals err, reversing all facts, persistently, claiming that Egypt President Morsi has no right to issue a constitutional declaration when indeed

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Recent Constitutional Declaration

The FJP holds that appointing a new Public Prosecutor for Egypt guarantees the integrity and seriousness of fresh investigations of ousted Mubarak’s senior officials accused of murdering unarmed revolutionaries.

Freedom and Justice Party Invites Diplomatic and Human Rights Bodies to Chairmanship Election

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam El-Erian continues to tour the country’s provinces to garner support for his party chairmanship election bid; meanwhile, the FJP issues official invitations to diplomats and