People’s Assembly


Dr. Erian: We Seek Consensus Not Complementary Constitutional Declaration

MP Erian, of the Freedom and Justice party, assures that no body, party or authority in Egypt has jurisdiction to write a supplementary constitutional declaration, at the moment, and that

Dr. Yassin Rejects As False Claims that Freedom and Justice Party is Managing Elections Process

While Osama Yassin denies any involvement of his party (the FJP) in the exclusion of local staff from presidential elections supervision, Mukhtar Ashri declares that the election committee is solely

Erian: FJP Boycotted SCAF’s Meeting with Parties, Holds it Responsible for Abbassiya Bloodshed

Egypt’s national stakeholders agree to a massive million-man march and demonstrations on Friday, in response to the brutally violent events described by eyewitnesses as a bloody massacre of innocent peaceful

Freedom and Justice Party Delegation Flies Off to Saudi Arabia to Help Mend, Improve Relations

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, partakes in a mission to resolve an issue with Saudi Arabia which recently shut its embassy and consulates in Egypt and recalled its

FJP: Dr. Morsi’s Nahda Project Backed by 80-Year Experience

Renowned scholars and experts assure Morsi’s Nahda Project, fully supported by the Brotherhood and its political arm, will bring prosperity and progress to Egypt and its people.

Gamal Heshmat: Parliament Fully Backs Revolution, Democratic Transformation

Egypt’s first post-revolution Parliament is just over two months old, yet it has passed a number of important laws – for the betterment of the homeland and improvement of the

Joint Statement of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party – 18 Apr

Translation of the full text of the joint statement made by the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, about the latest developments on Egypt’s arena.

MP Saleh: We Respect the Law, Reject Military Council Maneuvers on Political Rights Bill

Egypt’s ruling military council may have the option to veto the Disenfranchisement Law, but the Egyptian man in the street, who voted-in the first post-revolution parliament, will have the final

Al-Shater Submits Presidential Candidacy Documents Thursday

Dr. Morsi announces that newly-nominated Khairat Al-Shater is to officially file his presidential candidacy application on Thursday, with no legal hurdles in his way to Egypt’s top job.

Senior Judges in Egypt: Field Marshal Not Entitled to Dissolve Parliament

As Egypt’s current military rulers allude at turning against the January 25 revolution, and threaten to dissolve the recently elected parliament, constitutional experts explain why it cannot.