Monofeya MPs unite with students in front of Parliament

Representatives from the MB parliamentary bloc participated in a rally with Monofeya students.

Egypt: Human rights activist and journalist, Hamdi Taha arrested in Aswan

Repressive measures against journalists and human rights activist have now become common currency in Egypt, where neither domestic nor international laws are respected.

Egypt: the arrest of a group of imams, Kafr El-Sheikh March 31, 2010

Alkarama requests that the Egyptian authorities release all prisoners of opinion, to desist from the degrading and inhumane practice of torture, and to try all those involved in cases of

Demonstrators detained escalate to 92

The latest count of the number of detainees arrested during demonstrations has spiraled out of control reaching 92 as security continued dragging in innocent civilians.

Security Forces attack Engineering students in Monouf

Deputies of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc denounced the state security attacks against students from the faculty of engineering in the Monoufeya governorate.

Despite WGAD Opinion from September 2008, Al-Shatar and 3 others remain detained; health deteriorating

In September 2008, the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD), a group of independent experts mandated by the Human Rights Council to investigate situations of people detained illegally,

Clashes between MB and NDP over State’s budget

A recent Parliament session this week witnessed fierce verbal fights between representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the National Democratic Party (NDP) over the state’s budget.

Palestine: 18 month sentence to Al-quds reporter

The military court in Nablus city has sentenced Palestinian reporter Tareq Abu Zaid to 18-month imprisonment for working as correspondent for the Al-Aqsa satellite TV channel.

Historical court decision revoking demolition order for Muslim Brotherhood’s charity hospital.

A historical decision made in court in a hearing led by Chancellor Mamdouh Rady of the knocking down of a new hospital built by the Muslim Brotherhood to serve poor

Dr. Ashraf “Our case is like an old Arabic Movie

Dr. Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar, Vice-Secretary-General of Egypt’s Doctors Syndicate and Rapporteur of the Human Relief Agency has lived a life full of research, learning, work and travel. The Security Services