MB Slams Current Affairs and Renews Petition for Reform

MB condemns disregard to judicial verdicts the insulting of El-Baradei and Qaradawi and is activating the online petition

The Limits of Competition

The parliamentary elections of 29 November 2010 mark the beginning of a long electoral season. The ruling National Democratic Party, or the government’s party as it is known to Egyptians,

Egypt: The new opposition and the ElBaradei factor

A tentative political alliance threatens to change the electoral calculus in the 2011 elections but the group is unwilling to announce its intentions without a guarantee of fair polls.

Activist abducted while collecting signatures for reform

State security forces abducted, activist Abdullah al-Saadawi, from the Imbaba district in Cairo while he was collecting signatures during door knocking in support of the chartered seven demands for reform.

The coming Cairo autumn

Political openings in Egypt over the last 30 years have come in waves. Swelling and then retreating, they have had little permanence.

Security harasses opposition students days before Students’ elections

Government universities have announced that Thursday October 7 will be the beginning of nominations for the Student’s body elections in Egypt. The elections are scheduled to take place October 18

MB and NAC’s online petition 7 demands for change, approaches 1, 000,000 signatures target

The number of signatures collected by the Muslim Brotherhood's online campaign "Seven demands for reform," launched by Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie and adopted by Egypt's Opposition political powers, has so

ElBaradei: Differences with MB don’t preclude sharing goals

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei , the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and a leading democracy advocate defended his alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in an interview

Muslim Brotherhood pokes social networking with Ikhwanbook

In another move to further expand their outreach to the public, Egypt’s biggest opposition group, the Muslim Brotherhood, created a social networking website, Ikhwanbook, equivalent to the popular Facebook.

Government behind daughter’s photos: ElBaradei

Mohamed ElBaradei, the former UN nuclear chief turned Egyptian reformer, accused the government of publishing pictures of his daughter in a swimsuit and at events with alcohol in reply to