Bahr calls on int’l parliaments to boycott Knesset after referendum law

First deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Dr. Ahmed Bahr urged all parliaments of the world to boycott the Israeli Knesset and classify it as a terrorist legislative body

Bahar: Amendment to Israeli citizenship law a humanitarian crime

GAZA, -- First deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Dr. Ahmed Bahar said the Israeli government’s decision to approve an amendment on its citizenship law is a “legal

US Hamas policy blocks Middle East peace

Failed bilateral talks over these past 16 years have shown that a Middle East peace accord can never be reached by the parties themselves. Israeli governments believe they can defy

W. Bank MPs appeal to UNICEF to protect women, children from Israel’s violations

Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank strongly denounced Israel for kidnapping an elderly woman and prosecuting a little child, and appealed to the UNICEF to intervene to protect the Palestinian

Deputy Knesset speaker desecrates Aqsa

Danny Danon, the deputy speaker of the Israeli parliament (the Knesset), went on a desecration tour of the holy Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday escorted by dozens of armed policemen.

MB MP denounces Israel ‘s decision to deport Palestinian MP’s

The Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc denounced the Israeli decision to deport MPs from the Palestinian Legislative Council from the occupied Jerusalem .

Mishaal confers with Indonesian parliamentary delegation

Khaled Mishaal, the political bureau chairman of Hamas, conferred in Damascus on Friday with an Indonesian parliamentary delegation led by MP Hasanuddin, the head of the foreign and defense affairs

Abu Teir warned by occupation to leave Jerusalem before Friday evening

The Israeli occupation authority gave an ultimatum to Sheikh Muhammad Abu Teir, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) to leave Jerusalem by Friday evening or be arrested and expelled

Bahar: Israel’s intent to expel human rights organizations exposes its democracy

Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC), said Friday that tabling a new draft law in the Knesset calling for expelling many human rights

Two little girls murdered by Israeli soldiers in Jordan valley

Two little girls were killed Wednesday evening when the vehicle they were riding along with their father and brother was deliberately hit by an Israeli armored jeep in the Jordan