A just peace, not religion is the solution in the Middle East

Uri Avnery argues that only Palestinian statehood and a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict offer a chance to stem the tide of religious fundamentalism that is filling in the

Time for New Palestinian Political Strategy

Palestinians had long lost confidence in their Palestinian Authority as their representative, who was supposed to defend their rights and work to achieve their statehood. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President,

Preparing For The End Game: United Nations Membership For Palestine

Even as the direct negotiations between the PLO and Israeli government are about to resume, thought needs to be given to the possibility that talks will fail and that an

US Hamas policy blocks Middle East peace

Failed bilateral talks over these past 16 years have shown that a Middle East peace accord can never be reached by the parties themselves. Israeli governments believe they can defy

Bardawil: The PA intent to hold a meeting on J’lem bid to spruce up its

The Hamas lawmaker also stated that the remarks made by senior Fatah and PLO official Yasser Abedrabbo in this regard are only for media consumption.

Falk: Ramallah authority asked me to quit

Peter Falk, the UN rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian lands, said on Tuesday that the PA in Ramallah had asked him to leave his post.

Hamas slams PLO for deciding to resume talks with Israel

The Movement of Hamas on Sunday strongly denounced the Palestinian liberation organization (PLO) for its decision to resume indirect negotiations with Israel, affirming that the PLO plunged itself again into

Refusal to surrender: My Father was a Freedom Fighter

"From afar," writes Ramzy Baroud, "Gaza's reality, like that of all of Palestine, is often presented without cohesion, without proper context; accounts of real life in Gaza are marred with

The Divisive Role of the ‘Resistance Bloc’

The rhetoric of Hamas, Hezbollah is reminiscent of the 1970s PLO and is repeated within another mini-state that is not taking Lebanese interests much into consideration, says Bechara Nassar Charbel.

Zahhar: Israel will be fully responsible for expanding the arena of conflict

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, a member of Hamas’s political bureau, stated Saturday that if Israel wanted to change the rules of the game and expand the arena of conflict, It would