Jordan witnesses relative majority for parliamentary democracy.

According to a study released on Monday in Amman 4 in 10 Jordanians prefer a democratic system in which the winning majority in Parliament forms a government.

Islamic Movement in Nigeria: When Groups, Orders, Sects Meet

Muslim Cooperation is a well-known group in Nigeria. It is basically formed of young Muslim men and women, and includes students of Arabic and English schools, both local and public,

Habib: MB Poses No Threat to Egypt’s Security

Dr. Mohamed Habib said that president Mubarak did not accuse the Muslim Brotherhood of violence, terrorism or extremism in his latest statement and "this is a recognition from the president

Christmas Greetings for Coptic Orthodox

The Muslim Brotherhood through its members in Parliament extends its warmest wishes to the Orthodox Copts in Egypt and around the world during their celebrations of Christmas, which coincide this

Brotherhood-Coptic Dialogue Continues in Alex

On Wednesday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders in Alexandria conducted a new round of talks with Coptic leading figures. The meeting was also attended by representatives of some political powers.  The

El-Arian: the Brotherhood considers the founding of a “conservative” party

Dr. Essam el-Arian, a prominent leader of the Muslim BrotherhoodA prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Essam el-Arian, declared that the Brotherhood was ready to separate its Islamic propagation

A Priest Exhorts Copts to Join the Brotherhood

During the first round of serial meetings with Copts, held at Sawasya Center for Human Right, the Muslim Brotherhood announced preparations to release a number of ideological writings on the