Police Brutality


Passing the Buck – Who Is to Blame for the Church Bombings?

If it were only an outdated Emergency Law, poverty, rigged elections, corruption, and police brutality, Egypt would be bearable, but now we have terrorist attacks against a minority group and

Mansoura activists hold protest in solidarity with police brutality’s newest victim

Activists and human rights members organized a protest in solidarity with Mohamed Salah who was tortured in police headquarters in front of the Mansoura International Hospital where he was kept

Police brutality continues as detainee allegedly flung from fourth floor

In a new bout of police brutality, Nadim Center for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture reported that two police officers tortured a Mansoura man before flinging him

Opposition welcomes detention of police agents accused of Saeed’s death

A statement issued Thursday by the 6 April Movement described the decision to detain two Alexandria police officers by the accused of using excessive force on Khalid Saed who died

Investigations of human rights officials attacked during demonstrations

Human rights watch stated that authorities in Egypt must end their beatings and arbitrary arrests of peaceful demonstrators and hold accountable those responsible.

Alexandria: MB, ElBaradei and political activists protest against police brutality

The city of Alexandria witnessed thousands of protesters rallying after the Friday prayers condemning the pervasive police brutality which has come to be the Interior Ministry's only policy.

Generation Mubarak/Generation Facebook

- When a young Egyptian died from what his family, activists and witnesses say was a savage police beating, many of his peers - the generation of Egyptians who have

Egypt protests against police brutality

Human rights groups state that torture by police including sexual abuse is systematic in Egypt despite government's denial.

Egypt: Urgent statement about police brutality against female MB student in Beheira

"What happened indicates that it is becoming a general trend by the regime as police maltreat male and female university students warning that these measures will provoke counter-violence.

Activists, journalists and distinguished individuals converge in protest against police brutality.

Activists and members of numerous trends and movements including the Kefaya, and April 6 movement will rally expressing their condemnation of police violence on Monday, during a protest held to