Police Forces


Rights Organization: Coup Forces Attack Foreign and Egyptian Journalists Covering Protests Monday

Arab Observatory for Media Freedom denounces coup security forces' brutality against media professionals doing their duty, and the forces' attempt to storm the Egyptian Journalists' Union HQ.

Egypt Youth Groups Statement 2 – Revolution in the Square

The second press release from the unified Egyptian youth groups in relation to preparations for forthcoming January 25 mass protests.

FJP Statement on Police Violence against Peaceful Protestors Monday, July 15

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, issues a statement demanding an immediate stop to state police plots of street thuggery and prompt release of all detained demonstrators.

Desperation Replaces Hope as Egyptians Struggle to Fulfill Revolution Demands

Less than six months after the January 25th Revolution – ample time to start the wheels of justice turning, and the transition to civil rule – Egyptians are still waiting

Jordan’s Polls End with Fatality

Polls across Jordan closed 12 hours after opening but not without violence. The parliamentary elections saw one person dead, two injured and twenty under arrest.

As Police Crack Down on Egyptian Campuses, a Recent Court Ruling May Force Reform

Hassan Nafaa is a frequent critic of the Egyptian government who coordinates several political-reform campaigns.

Academics wonder if court ban on university guards be followed through

A recent court ruling barring guards and security personnel from university grounds is being celebrated by students, academics and intellectuals despite controversy about its enforcement.

In support of Khaled Said

Following weeks during which Mohamed El-Baradei seemed to disappear from the public eye, the former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) paid a high-profile visit to Alexandria on

Police Raids Several Businesses Owned By MB Members In Cairo

Police forces raided several businesses owned by Muslim Brotherhood members in Cairo, in another episode of the latest crackdown by the Egyptian government.