Police Officers


Poll Shows Muslim Brotherhood Maintaining Support Despite Egypt’s Travails

Two years after Egyptians banded together to overthrow former President Hosni Mubarak, the country’s much-celebrated revolution isn't going well, according to Egyptians who responded to a Pew Research Center survey

Abu Baraka: Outlawed National Democractic Party Blocked Anti-Torture Laws in Parliament

Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka, the Freedom and Justice Party’s legal adviser, expressed regret at the sentence passed by the Alexandria Criminal Court - headed by Justice Moussa al-Nahrawy – today

PM Sharaf agrees to the amendments of the Police Law

The Council of Ministers has agreed in its meeting on Wednesday 29 March 2011 on the of the drafted law of amending some provisions in Law No.

Activists Call for National Strike in Front of the Egyptian Presidential Palace on January 25

Twitter and Facebook contributed greatly to the Tunisian revolution that granted its people their freedom. A large number of activists on Facebook are calling for a national strike in front

A Lawsuit Calling on the Minister of Interior: Police Officers should Undergo Physiological and Mental

Three lawyers filed a lawsuit before the Administrative Judiciary ordering that the Minister of Interior should give orders for policemen to undergo periodic psychological and mental check ups.

MB chairman: Egyptian Regime Failed to protect its People

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie, in his recent statement ascertained that the regime has failed to protect its people.

Former MB MP demands immediate investigation into death of tortured victim

In a serious escalation and violation of human rights, the Security Directorate of Alexandria threatened the family of Alexandria's torture victim Sayed Bilal, who died in State security headquarters during

Nassar Human Rights Center: Alexandria, Capital of Arab Torture in 2010

Nassar Human Rights center named Alexandria the "Capital of Arab Torture in 2010" after the center monitored large numbers of torture cases that had not been preceded by any of

Tensions Rise between Judges and the HEC

A request has been submitted by Mohamed Mikki of the Supreme Judges Council calling on the High Elections Commission to prepare a report on judicial monitors during Egypt’s recent parliamentary

Trial of Eight Police Officers Who Tortured a Worker to Death Postponed

Cairo Criminal Court, headed by Councillor Adel Abdel Salam Gomaa, postponed the second hearing in the trial of two officers, four policemen and two soldiers in Maadi police station, until