Police State


National Alliance in Support of Legitimacy Statement Condemns Coup; Calls Peaceful Protests

With military coup commanders, cronies and collaborators ignoring huge demonstrations by millions of Morsi and legitimacy supporters, NASEL urges for more mass marches and rallies.

Brotherhood, FJP: Badie and Al-Shater Not Arrested; Authorities Intent to Violate Freedoms

The military coup in Egypt unleashes bloody monsters of violence, repression and corrupt, brutal police state.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Military Coup Against Elected President

Brotherhood statement strongly condemns military coup against democracy and electoral legitimacy, anti-Islamist crackdown and police state measures already taken across Egypt.

Syrian Revolution News Round-up

As the Assads increase their reliance on local militia and gangs, the potential for a nationwide meltdown increases. Only the protesters’ continued commitment to nonviolence keeps the country together at

The West’s Debt to Egypt

The huge protests in Egypt that have been taking place for the past weeks have paid off. Great sacrifices have been made, and hundreds of people have lost their lives,

Peaceful Protest and the Reward of Perseverance

The peaceful protests across Egypt have been blessed with success! Demonstrations marked by non-violent behavior that constituted a national uprising in Egypt, to remove oppression and tyranny,

Tunisia – the people’s revolution

Yvonne Ridley comments on the British media’s lopsided coverage of the uprising in Tunisia – devoting airtime to the inconvenience caused to UK tourists and focusing on the role of

Egypt – Pawn in a Losing Game?

The Middle East is turbulent. In the midst of war, threats of war and oppression, the Egyptian election took place and it was marred by voter intimidation, fraud, and a

Police Accused of Torturing a Citizen to Death in Alexandria

The family of 39-year-old Mustafa Attia El-Sayed accused policemen at Mina El-Basal police station of torturing El-Sayed to death. The family stressed that a number of policemen stopped him in

ElBaradei: I take the Muslim Brotherhood at their word.

In an interview published in the July 12 edition of the German magazine Der Spiegel, the Egyptian Nobel Peace Prize laureate also discussed the desire for change in his homeland,