Police Station


Ashraf Kazaz Extrajudicial Killing a Brutal Atrocity Added to Repressive Coup Regime Criminal Record

Lawless executions by the coup regime\’s interior ministry, the most recent of which was the murder of young Ashraf Kazaz in a gangland-style operation, are brutal crimes added to the

Human Rights NGO: 2978 Killed Outside the Law Since 2013

Rights organization (ECRF) reveals that the military coup regime has killed 2978 from July 2013 and until June 2016.

More Anti-Coup Arrests Including Member of Sharqeya Detainees Defense Team

Military junta security forces in Sharqeya arrested three dissidents, who reject the coup, in Derb-Nagm town and nearby villages, including a member of the area’s detainees defense team, after raiding

Rights Group Laments Court Final Approval of Death Sentences Against 5 Opponents of Egypt Coup

Rough justice: Arbitrarily rounded up, illegally subjected to forced disappearance, and ruthlessly tortured into signing false self-incriminating confessions, anti-coup citizens are sentenced to death in farcical sham trials.

Another Detainee Dies Due to Deliberate Medical Neglect in Junta Police Custody

Yet another opponent of the illegitimate coup in Egypt dies in junta detention centers after months of slow torture as coup authorities refuse him treatment and medication.

Egypt Junta Military Court Jails 500 Civilian Coup Opponents, 250 Life Sentences

A military court in Egypt metes out hundreds of severely exaggerated prison sentences against opponents of military rule, in a sham trial, on trumped-up politically-motivated charges.

Helwan Police Station Detainees’ Plea for Help

Under the rule of the current coup regime, Egyptian political detainees suffer unimaginable hardships, and here detainees in a Cairo police station call for help.

‘Journalists for Reform’ Movement Condemns Attacks on Journalists in Iconic Tahrir Square

Yet again, journalists doing their professional duties are brutally attacked, beaten, humiliated and detained, by the putschists’ security forces, in Egypt’s liberation square – Tahrir.

Egypt – How Did We Get Here?

History is being made in Egypt. What is happening now is undoubtedly a popular revolution against a dictatorship that has been stifling Egyptians for decades.

Giza’s Attorney General Receives Complaint against Torture of MB Member

A 35-year-old accountant and a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure in 6th of October, Mohammed Ali Darwish, submitted a complaint to Judge Mohammed Zekri, head of the North Giza prosecution office,