Police Stations


MP Gamal Shihata Loses Hearing in Left Ear after Torture in Junta Prison

Systematic, barbaric torture in police stations, detention centers and prisons cause permanent damage to MP Shihata's left ear.

Anti-Coup Alliance Denounces Detention, Torture of Leaders, Females, Minors, Opponents

Egypt’s broad coalition of parties, groups and movements opposed to the putsch strongly condemns torture, brutality and inhuman treatment of political prisoners at the hands of security and military forces.

Rights Organization Affirms Peaceful Detainees Brutally Tortured, Killed in Cold Blood

Human rights researcher at Karama organization Ahmad Mefreh condemns today's detainee killings.

Brotherhood Statement on Killing of 37 Citizens in Police Van by State Security Officers

Muslim Brotherhood statement condemns yet another incident of Ministry of Interior forces using maximum force to silence opposition.

Justice Fathi: National Legislation Must Be Passed, Enacted to Confront Terrorism and Hooliganism

Egyptian laws must get tough enough to deter those who plot and carry out deliberate acts of violence, vandalism and sabotage, in order for the country to regain its security

Verdict Expected in Khaled Said Case

Amnesty International has urged the Egyptian authorities to ensure that justice is done in the case of Khaled Said, an Egyptian allegedly beaten to death by two police officers one

Activists Remember Khaled Saeed

Considered a catalyst of Egypt’s Revolution Khaled Saeed a torture victim of Egypt’s formed interior ministry will be remembered as Egyptian activists plan anti-torture protests next week in his commemoration.

MB Representative in Fayoum Submits Complaint Against State Security

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Rahman, director of the MB office in Fayyoum and head of the board of management of Makkah Hospital in Fayoum,

Activists prepare blacklist of former SS officers

Activists are currently in the process of preparing a blacklist of officers from the dismantled State Security apparatus who were known to be involved in torturing detainees.

PM Sharaf agrees to the amendments of the Police Law

The Council of Ministers has agreed in its meeting on Wednesday 29 March 2011 on the of the drafted law of amending some provisions in Law No.