Police Torture


Jurists Demand Quick Probe into Torture and Murder of 300

Jurists and politicians demanded to open an investigation into police torture that took place during the Mubarak regime, torturing more than 300 to death.

Police Accused of Torturing a Citizen to Death in Alexandria

The family of 39-year-old Mustafa Attia El-Sayed accused policemen at Mina El-Basal police station of torturing El-Sayed to death. The family stressed that a number of policemen stopped him in

Thousands Rally on Day of Anger in Cairo, Alexandria, Sharqyya and Mahalla al-Kubra

The April 6 Youth Movement announced that 5 activists were arrested today for participating in "A Day of Anger" rally attended by several activists in all the governorates of Egypt

Amnesty Demands Egypt Protect Detainee from Possible Murder

Egyptian authorities must independently investigate, without delay, allegations that a young man was tortured to death at a police station in Alexandria, and guarantee the safety of another young man

Activists in London protest against police torture in Egypt

The activists will condemning Egypt 's Interior Ministry accused of covering up crimes by police and security agents

Egypt protests against police brutality

Human rights groups state that torture by police including sexual abuse is systematic in Egypt despite government's denial.

Parliament rejects harsher penalties for torture

Muslim Brotherhood MP Hussein Ibrahim had earlier proposed the amendment of Article 126 of the Egyptian Penal Code, which slaps "anyone found torturing a suspect" with between three and ten