Break the Will: Coup and Revolution Strategies

In order for the sweeping second wave of the January 25 (2011) Revolution to succeed in crushing the traitorous coup, it must build strong free popular will that accepts difference

Anti-Coup Alliance Criticizes Military Courts, Sentences as Setback for Revolution Gains

The military commanders and collaborators’ escalation of repressive measures to suppress all opponents of their putsch will fail miserably.

Two Months of Ruinous Coup – Muslim Brotherhood Statement

Marking 60 days of traitorous coup, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood exhorts all Egyptians to stand steadfast, fully determined to defeat the putschists.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Putschist Schemes of Vandalism and Sectarian Strife

As the July 3 coup commanders and collaborators announce ‘fears of violent plots by Islamists’, the truth is that the putschists themselves are plotting waves of violent attacks aimed at

Anti-Coup Alliance, Muslim Brotherhood: Denying Karman Egypt Entry is Police State Practice

Yemeni winner of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, Tawakkol Karman, is deported from Egypt airport, apparently for criticizing the military coup.

Hussein: Muslim Brotherhood Did Not Intervene in Presidency Nor Government Affairs

Egypt Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Hussein reaffirms that the group did not intervene in the affairs of the presidency or the government and assures legal status of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Freedom and Justice Party MPs Seek End to Clashes Between Police and Demonstrators in Egypt,

On Sunday afternoon, a number of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) MPs came out in Mohamed Mahmoud Street in the vicinity of the Interior Ministry, including Dr. Osama Yassin, Assistant

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Port Said Massacre

The Muslim Brotherhood is shocked, saddened and dismayed at news of the massacre that took place in Port Said Stadium after Al-Ahly vs. Al-Masry match, and claimed the lives of

MB Explores Neighborhood Watch Programs in Imbaba

Following the violent clashes in Imbaba the Muslim Brotherhood proposed setting up their own watch scheme.

PM Sharaf agrees to the amendments of the Police Law

The Council of Ministers has agreed in its meeting on Wednesday 29 March 2011 on the of the drafted law of amending some provisions in Law No.