Political Activity


Erian Condemns Attacks on Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Headquarters

With many thugs and criminals already in police custody for attacking and burning Brotherhood and FJP offices, it certainly is no exaggeration to say that there is a lot more

MB Chairman Calls on Factions to Unite and Identify Egypt’s Priorities

Repeating the assertion that the Brotherhood will not nominate any member for presidency, Dr. Mohamed Badie spoke in an interview on Egypt’s satellite channel denying that the group manipulates politics

Cops, Robbers … and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why the Egyptian government's propaganda version of CSI revealed more about its own paranoia than about its enemies.

“The Society”

A television series can cause uproar, raise a debate or start a dispute that would require the intervention of courts of law to be settled.

Emergency law means more emergency for Egyptians

President Obama's press secretary, Robert Gibbs urged Egypt to complete its anti-terrorism legislation and repeal the emergency law which has been extended once again.

Opposition crackdown in Egypt heats up before polls

Egypt's largest opposition movement, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, is once again facing a crackdown by authorities. Some 150 members are under arrest, according to the group, and more arrests are

Egypt crackdown on Brotherhood leaders.

CAIRO, Egypt — leading figures in Egypt 's opposition Muslim Brotherhood and two other top figures