Political Forces


Islah Party Announces Decisive Storm Support

Islah Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, issues a statement announcing support for ongoing operation Decisive Storm led by Saudi Arabia and coalition countries to restore

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohamed Badie: No One Can Enslave Egyptians

Facing a list of ludicrous, clearly trumped up charges, the 70-year old veterinary professor and Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (Dr. Badie) reiterates commitment to non-violence.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Fraudulent Results of Sham Referendum

As officials report grossly exaggerated 'Yes' counts (sometimes higher than total province populations), poll monitors in Egypt and abroad slam rigged results of the putschists' illegitimate vote on the junta's

Tunisia 4 July 2013: Ennahdha Party Statement on Egypt

In the face of recent events in Egypt, namely the removal of President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday 3 July 2013 in a flagrant coup against democratic legitimacy as embodied in

Muslim Brotherhood: Democracy Falters, Even Fails if Minority Persistently Flouts Popular Will

If a fascist few are allowed to disrupt and undermine the elected leader’s rule, a neo-nascent democracy may well lose its footing, to be promptly replaced with an abhorrent, repressive

Muslim Brotherhood: Political Conflict Turns to Blackmail; Works Against Egypt Interests

Spokesman Mehrez denounces the continued campaign by hostile media against Egypt’s Brotherhood, as opposition blackmails the government at times of crisis.

Katatni Congratulates ‘Free Egyptians Party’, Calls on All Parties to Unite

The FJP’s Katatni expresses hope the Free Egyptians Party would steer a new discourse in politics with greater cooperation and understanding.

Brotherhood: Salvation Front’s Shura Siege Call is Blatant Intimidation of Legislative Authority

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood condemns the National Salvation Front’s call for its supporters to lay siege to the country’s upper house of parliament.

Katatni: FJP is Ready for Legislative Elections; Opposition Fears Popular Will

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, is already all-set for forthcoming House of Representatives elections, which the opposition is desperately trying to avoid.

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Siege of Egypt Public Prosecutor HQ

Political opposition parties that strongly criticized pro-government siege of the Mubarak-appointed Constitutional Court now lay siege to the Public Prosecutor office building.