Political Groups


Hamdi Qandil: Forming Cabinet is President Morsi’s Priority

Media figure Qandil affirmed that new Egyptian government will be formed soon, with an honorable national personality taking the post of Prime Minister, most probably to be announced Tuesday.

Carnegie Endowment Analyzes Possible Outcomes of Postponing Constitution

A recent report by the Carnegie Endowment analyzes the current controversy in Egypt between those who favor drafting a new constitution first and those who insist on holding parliamentary elections

Why the Muslim Brotherhood Are Egypt’s Best Democrats

After the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, many Western commentators were surprised by the ease with which Iraq's religious movements adapted to multiparty democracy.

Syria – A Chink in the Armor?

Arab youth are full of hope as uprisings throughout the Middle East remove one tyrant after the other. However, while Tunis and Egypt have had a relatively smooth sail into

MB concludes 2 day conference; chooses party leader

Following a two day conference the Muslim Brotherhood's Shura council revealed decisions made in their first historical meeting in 16 years.

France – A New Ally for the Middle East ?

France has recently opened the door for dialog with any Muslim movement beyond its shores that renounces violence.

MB welcomes dialogue with the West without preconditions

The Muslim Brotherhood is open to talking with Western governments, without preconditions, especially after French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe asserted his country's readiness for an open dialogue with Islamist movements

Friday witnesses mass demonstrations

Mass protests broke out in Cairo following the Friday prayers by political groups and activists angry at the drafted law which bans strikes, protests, demonstrations and sit-ins.

Tunisia’s Deposed President — Corrupt, Anti-Democratic, and One of America’s Close Friends

Across the Middle East and Central Asia, U.S. allies are invariably corrupt dictators, maintained in power by lavish patronage and the military.

MB Group’s Youths to Participate and Respect Group’s Regulations

The Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman Dr. Essam El Erian has stated that the MB supports any group which has demands and is seeking change in Egypt.