Political opposition


FJP Rejects Banning Former NDP Members from Politics

Describing political participation as significant in paving the way for democracy Dr. Essam el Erian from the Muslim Brotherhood and Vice President of the Freedom and Justice Party opposed calls

Former Egyptian VP: Mubarak Was Aware of Details of Killing Protesters

Major General Omar Soliman, vice-president of former president Mubarak and former Head of Intelligence, described the details of Mubarak's involvement in the killing of protesters and he condemns the crime.

Egyptians take to street for historical referendum

Egypt is witnessing a historical moment as thousands vote on constitutional amendments drafted by the 10 man committee chosen by the military following the ousting of Mubarak after the January

Israel Sending Crowd Dispersal Weapons to Egypt

International Network for Rights and Development reported that three Israeli planes landed at Cairo's Mina International Airport on Saturday carrying hazardous equipment for use in dispersing and suppressing large crowds.

Egypt Protests – Changing the Rules of the Game

Egyptians have taken to the streets demanding an end to the 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak and protesting economic hardship and rampant corruption. Demonstrations in Tunisia brought down the

MB and opposition calls for largest protest

For the third consecutive day Egypt has witnessed nationwide protests with further indications it will continue through Friday.

MB Group’s Youths to Participate and Respect Group’s Regulations

The Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman Dr. Essam El Erian has stated that the MB supports any group which has demands and is seeking change in Egypt.

MB to Announce Stance on Scheduled Protest

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Essam el-Erian has asserted that the group still remains undecided to the upcoming demonstrations scheduled by the country's political opposition on January 25th.

Arab Democracy Now!

The campaign against dictatorship in the Arab world has brought together some strange bedfellows.

Political Experts: MB Sentences a Settling of Scores

Unjust sentences served to 5 leading international Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the “International MB networking case” has been deciphered by political analysts as nothing short of a settling of scores.