Political opposition


The Islamist Flirtation

Since leaving his post as director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in December, the 67-year-old diplomat has dipped his toe into electoral politics in his home country of

Political Levers Lock Into Gear in Election Year

Egypt’s parliamentary elections are still months away, but the arrests have already started.

Egypt’s opposition misled by fixation with Mubarak’s son

Political opposition in Egypt has been stirred by a recent campaign against Gamal Mubarak, the son of the president Hosni Mubarak, becoming Egypt’s new president in 2011.

The Young Brotherhood in Search of a New Path

Today, eighty one years since its creation, the Muslim Brotherhood is no longer a youth-focused organization simply, but a movement that spans across several generations.

Sudan : After Intelligence Control Lift On Papers Implementation Could Be The First Step Towards

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information ,ANHRI, welcomed the decision announced by the Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir last week , lifting the state control over newspapers performed by

A Book Burner for UNESCO?

As deliberations began ahead of voting for the new culture chief of the United Nations, news surfaced last week that Egyptian police had arrested more than 150 people for allegedly

Robert Springborg: Mubarak’s Rule

Before starting our interview with Dr. Robert Springborg, one of the most prominent US academics specialized in the Middle East affairs, we should first refer to his book about Mubarak’s