Political Participation


The Egyptian Barriers of Silence have been broken and the sun will shine once more

The brave and courageous people of Egypt continue their protests, demanding an end to a dictatorship that has lasted for more than 30 years and seeking the implementation of a

Time for Muslims to take a stand against hatred

Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships, and of course, a war. The recent acrimony surrounding the disputed conversions of two Coptic women in Egypt is not the stuff of

Egypt: Lack of political participation for Christians, women

The third annual report on the status of democracy in Egypt, issued by the Observatory of the State of Democracy of Egyptian Society for the Advancement of Community Participation revealed

Muslim Brotherhood pulls back from Egyptian politics

While the Brotherhood is unlikely to renounce political activity altogether, recent internal party elections saw advocates for political participation ousted.

Executive Bureau: Political participation will continue in full swing under the new Chairman.

Elections are not the sole criterion of political participation and the Muslim Brotherhood will be active.

In response to the rumours of giving up politics

The new MB Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie refuted the idea that the MB would lessen its political participation abandoning political work, describing this as baseless predictions.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood split

Brotherhood members take part in a demonstration in Cairo last year. Its growing influence worries the government A senior leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has acknowledged that government repression has