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Muslim Brotherhood Islah Party Regrets Yemen Situation, Mourns Air-Strike Victims

Islah Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, issues a statement deploring the current situation in Yemen as a result of the failure of political parties to

Freedom and Justice Party Legal Committee: Commissioners Decision Not Binding

FJP affirms that the Commissioners’ recommendation to dissolve the largest popular party in the country is an escalation of exclusion endeavors by the military-appointed regime.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Rest Or Sleep Until Revolution Reclaimed

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood statement, issued in the early hours of Sunday, says Egyptians will not rest or sleep, after August 30, the "People Reclaim the Revolution" Friday, until they defeat

Global demonstrations in solidarity with Egypt’s pro-democracy movement

A series of world-wide demonstrations will be held on Friday 30th August in solidarity with the heroic Egyptian people. Activists and campaigners will converge on major cities in the Americas,

Al-Shater in Detention: Putschists Try to Rob Egypt; Revolution Must Uproot Deep State

In preparation for true democracy in Egypt where no party or faction is excluded, coup commanders arrest and detain thousands of leaders of the largest political parties, including the Muslim

FJP: Rebel, Salvation Front Militias behind Killing of Muslim Brotherhood Shalakany in Fayoum

The FJP mourns a Brotherhood member who died Saturday from gunshot wounds after being attacked by opposition thugs last week in Egypt’s central Fayoum governorate.

Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt Opposition Provides Political Cover, Support for Violence

Failing to even speak out against violence and thuggery in supposedly peaceful opposition protests is not entirely surprising, as supporters of NSF parties always accompany Rebel members on violent ‘missions’.

‘No to Violence’ Friday Final Statement

Translation of the statement issued at the end of Friday’s million-man rally in Cairo in support of democracy, legitimacy and peaceful action.

Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Democracy; Calls for Unconditional National Dialogue

Accumulated over decades, Mubarak corruption cannot be terminated by any one party or movement, nor in one year, which makes wide-based consensus a necessity in Egypt today.

Muslim Brotherhood: Democracy Falters, Even Fails if Minority Persistently Flouts Popular Will

If a fascist few are allowed to disrupt and undermine the elected leader’s rule, a neo-nascent democracy may well lose its footing, to be promptly replaced with an abhorrent, repressive