Political parties


Hussein Ibrahim: FJP Welcomes National Reconciliation Initiatives that Respect Legitimacy

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP welcomes Wassat Party’s initiative Saturday to convene an urgent meeting of political parties and movements to achieve comprehensive national reconciliation.

Alliance of Egyptians Detained in UAE: New Arrests Blatant Violation of Human Rights

Families of Egyptians detained in the UAE condemn yet another wave of unjustified arrests that evidently violate human rights of innocent people.

Giza FJP Youth Conference: We Seek Common Grounds with Other Parties, Stakeholders

Lauded for their innovation, creativity and great achievements in the FJP’s Together We Build Egypt community-service campaign, FJP youths are determined to forge new and fruitful relations with other parties,

Hamas Urges Egyptian Opposition to Stop Circulating Lies against It

Palestinian Hamas congratulates Egyptians on the safe return of seven soldiers kidnapped earlier in Sinai, and calls for a halt in the hostile media campaign against Gaza government.

Katatni: FJP Follows Closely Sinai Security Efforts to Free Kidnapped Soldiers

Expressing full confidence in government efforts to secure the release of soldiers abducted in Sinai, the FJP calls for firm deterrent action to prevent similar incidents.

FJP Leader Ibrahim on Sinai Abductions: We Have Full Confidence in Armed Forces, Condemn Blackmailing

While the Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP rejects collective punishment of Sinai Bedouin, it strongly denounces kidnappings and blatant blackmail.

Katatni Congratulates ‘Free Egyptians Party’, Calls on All Parties to Unite

The FJP’s Katatni expresses hope the Free Egyptians Party would steer a new discourse in politics with greater cooperation and understanding.

Katatni: We Understand Transition Precarious Conditions; Support New Government

No-one expected a velvet transition from repressive dictatorship to free and fair democracy in Egypt, but FJP chief Katatni urges all parties, groups and movements to help smooth the transitional

Erian: Brotherhood and FJP Still Most Ardent Seekers of Cooperation, Dialogue with All Parties

Freedom and Justice Party deputy leader reaffirms that the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing are by far the keenest on dialogue and national harmony.

Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Organize Judiciary-Related Demonstrations Friday

Despite escalation tactics by affected judges against proposed judiciary law amendments, Egypt’s Brotherhood will not call for repeat marches this Friday.