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FJP: Judiciary Always Required to Serve Interests of Homeland, Revolution and Rule of Justice

Certain members of Egypt’s judiciary have been working desperately to derail the revolution for personal fears of shameful revelations about their nefarious activities and corruption.

FJP – Alexandria Celebrates Orphans Day: Violence Will Not Stop Us Building Egypt

Certain political parties and individuals persist in use of force, collaborating with old-guard vandals and provocateurs, while the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party strife to rebuild and

Prosecutors Hear 274 Muslim Brotherhood Victims in Moqattam Brutal Attacks

Egypt’s Prosecution Service starts hearings and investigations into latest wave of barbaric attacks on citizens and public and private property, in which hundreds of Brotherhood members and supporters were lynched,

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Regarding Attacks on Group Youths, Supporters and Headquarters

Brotherhood statement on bloody and brutal violence by armed gangs of former regime affiliates and thugs allied with dubious opposition parties.

Muslim Brotherhood Submits Legal Request Demanding Commitment to Peaceful Protests

Egypt Brotherhood lawyer says parties calling for demonstrations outside the group’s headquarters must commit to peaceful protest and bear consequences of any acts of violence.

Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Be Dragged into Violence Instigated by Certain Political Forces

While irresponsible groups and parties initiate, fuel and perpetuate violence in the Egyptian street, the Muslim Brotherhood commits to peaceful action.

Heshmat: Counter-Revolution Pre-Poll Violence Aims to Prolong Transitional Period

Freedom and Justice Party lawmaker Heshmat points that the same hidden hands stoke violence ahead of every election in an attempt to keep Egypt in the chaotic phase of transformation

Hussein Ibrahim: Islamic Bonds Innovative Instrument for Egypt Economy Advancement

Egypt legislative is preparing a new law for issuance of Islamic Bonds hailed as an important financial instrument that should attract investment funds to take Egypt well out of its

FJP Will Form Broad Government, If It Wins Majority in Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, vows to form a broad-based government, if it gets a clear majority in forthcoming elections to the House of Representatives.

Islamist Coalition Statement, Tuesday, on Ongoing Disruptive Protests, Violence and Lawlessness

The Islamist Coalition demands parties calling for violent demonstrations must be held to account, those who raped or assaulted dozens of Egyptian women in Tahrir Square must be tried, deterrent