Political parties


Katatni Submits Initiative to Amend Parliamentary Elections Law

Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni proposes in a national dialogue session at the Presidential Palace Monday ideas for elections law amendments aimed at defusing current crisis with opposition.

MB and FJP Leaders Condemn Political Parties Justifying Violence

Darrag and Erian denounce political figures justifying sabotage and subversion and providing political cover for violence and vandalism, while Al-Barr finds ongoing attacks and arson unbecoming of Egypt’s great peaceful

Freedom and Justice Party Hopes Egypt Top International Tourist Destinations

The Muslim Brotherhood launches domestic tourism trips to historical Luxor in upper Egypt, among efforts coordinated with the group’s political arm, the FJP, to help the country take its rightful

Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Has Won Confidence of Egyptians in Four Major Elections

The Freedom and Justice Party is seeking a majority in the next parliament in Egypt, to be called the House of Representatives, having gained the people’s trust in the four

Katatni Calls All to Close Ranks Behind New Cabinet to Face Political and Economic Challenges

Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni urges all political and community leaders in Egypt to put differences aside and positively support the government after the latest reshuffle, in order to

Great Partisan, Community Diversity in Appointed Shura Council Membership by Presidential Edict

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi makes judicious use of his constitutional prerogatives in appointing 90 members for the 270-strong Shura Council to take over legislative power from him until a new

Katatni Heads Delegation of Political Parties and Movements in Gaza Support Visit

A delegation of Egyptian politicians visits Gaza Monday headed by FJP Chairman Katatni to show support and solidarity with besieged Palestinian people being savagely attacked by Israeli forces from the

Political Parties, Movements at FJP HQ: We Will Visit Gaza; Review All Accords and Treaties

Following a meeting at Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm the FJP’s headquarters, a number of political parties, revolutionary movements and independent politicians are to visit besieged Gaza Strip Sunday.

Amr Darrag: Constituent Assembly Operates in Full Glare of Political Process, Not Behind Closed Doors

Secretary-General of the Egyptian charter-writing assembly affirms that his institution is not involved in any “under-the-table” transactions, and that protestors have their sights set on parliamentary elections – probably coming

Beltagy: Draft Constitution First Reading Begins Wednesday

Endeavoring to finish the whole process of authoring Egypt’s new national charter before the new year, the country’s specialist panel entrusted with writing its most important document announces the beginning