Political Reform


Insight: As government-in-waiting, Egypt’s Brotherhood finds voice

(Reuters) - At the end of January, a guest speaker drew an unusually large audience of diplomats to the 33rd floor auditorium at the Egyptian Foreign Ministry headquarters in Cairo.

MB in Jordan Embarks on Fresh Protests

Jordanian protestors on Friday embarked on a fresh wave of demonstrations despite a general amnesty, which was decreed on Thursday by King Abdullah and pardoned about 4,000 prisoners.

MB Offshoot in Jordan Calls on Assad to End Violence

The Islamic Action Front the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm in Jordan has called on Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad to listen to the people’s demands for democracy and end its

Foreign Policy: Mubarak’s Trial Will not Feed Egyptians

Despite the fact that Hosni Mubarak deserves to be on trial, the Egyptian people cannot eat transitional justice, the daily Foreign Policy said in one of its article.

Reports: 90% of Heads of Local Councils Expected to Be Replaced

In a few hours, Egypt will witness a momentous event in its history when the interim Prime Minister, Essam Sharaf, is expected to issue a decision to replace heads of

MB Statement on Incidents in Syria

The Brotherhood treasures Syria's good position as a pillar of resistance, embracing Palestinian rights for liberating the land, supporting the armed resistance, embracing the stances of Palestinian faction leaders, and

El-Arian says national dialogue lacks insight

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Essam El-Erian stated that the national dialogue held last week was not well planned stating he received an invitation only hours before the

MB administrative offices set to select candidates for parliamentary elections

The Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative offices are engaged in local meetings to select candidates for the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled to take place in September.

Dialogue Opening in Jordan

The Muslim Brotherhood is ready to participate with the National Dialogue Committee which is open to any ideas aiming at political reform. The MB, however, makes the condition that their

Egypt in the Cusp of Change

Egypt's popular revolution is about to meet yet another challenge with the referendum over the constitutional amendments just days away.The remnants of the National Democratic Party (NDP) supports the amendments