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Egypt Justice Minister Issues Decision to Hold Trials in Jail for Peaceful Protest Detainees

Contrary to all local and international laws and conventions, Egypt’s military-appointed minister of justice orders trials of detainees inside prison.

Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns Arbitrary Detention of Female Protesters and Children in Damietta

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance condemns the arrest and arbitrary detention of a family by the army, while travelling from Damietta to Cairo to join the anti-coup protests on Tuesday 23

Upper House Refers Political Rights Law to Supreme Constitutional Court for Final Approval

FJP leader Erian calls on elections panel to hold Egypt’s parliamentary elections soon, after Shura Council finalized political rights law.

Egypt Constitutional Court Reviews Election Law

Parliament’s Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee: House elections will be held in mid-September or at the beginning of October, once approved by the Constitutional Court.

Saleh: Elections, Political Rights Laws Close Loopholes; Constitutional Court Decision Binding

Egypt lawmakers assure new House of Representatives and Political Practice Rights close all potential loopholes.

Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood: We Respect Rule of Law

Leaders and media spokespersons for Egypt Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, have expressed respect for the Administrative Court’s decision to refer elections law back to the Supreme

Tosson: All Electoral Law Proposals and Suggestions Will Be Carefully Studied

Egypt’s Shura Council Legislative Committee chief assures that all suggestions for the new House of Representative elections law and the law of political rights will be taken into consideration.

Highlights of “Morsi for President” Campaign

Giving true vitality to the concept of democracy, safeguarding political rights, rejuvenating and promoting tourism industry, are just a few of Dr. Morsi’s presidential objectives.

Ashri: Once Again Al-Shater is Barred From Exercising His Political Rights

Adopting the approach and practices of Egypt’s repressive, defunct regime, the elections committee has absurdly insisted on its earlier ruling to disqualify Al-Shater, leaving the FJP’s Dr. Morsi to complete

Legal and Human Rights Experts Criticize Al-Shater and Nour Presidential Race Disqualification

Egypt’s legal experts and human rights organizations lend solid support to Al-Shater’s appeal against presidential candidacy disqualification, as they ponder the wisdom of the election council’s latest decision.