FJP: June 30 Calls for Armed Violence, not Political Protest as Opposition Make Belief

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP condemns flouting of popular will by the opposition which call for supposedly peaceful protest, yet plot for violence, destruction and sabotage.

Freedom and Justice Party Reiterates Confidence in Egypt Military

Refuting media myth about a rift between Egypt political parties and the country’s armed forces, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing the FJP assures it has full confidence in Egypt’s military.

Press Statement from Ennahdha Head Rached Ghannouchi’s Office

Following the despicable crime against the leader of the Patriotic Democrats, the late Chokri Belaid, may God have mercy on his soul, some rushed to accuse Ennahdha Party and its

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Train Accidents, Falling Buildings and Killing of Policemen

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood holds that the law must face up to years of sabotage and chaos by the former regime that led to a long history of train accidents and

Media Experts: Attack on Freedom and Justice Newspaper Serious Assault on Freedoms

Egyptian media professionals and experts condemn a violent attack on the Freedom and Justice newspaper head-office as an attempt to silence the paper, and an attack on freedom of the

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Wednesday’s Clashes Outside Presidential Palace

Translation of the Muslim Brotherhood statement regarding Wednesday’s violent assaults against unarmed pro-Morsi demonstrators outside Itehadia presidential palace in Cairo.

Beltagy: Egypt Liberals and Secularists Shun Democracy When It Does Not Put Them in Power

Minority or not, Egypt’s liberal and secularist politicians believe democracy must put them in office, or they will abandon the whole idea.

FJP Press Release No. (13), Runoff Starts

Today, Monday 5/Dec/2011, runoff voting for the first phase of the People’s Assembly elections 2011 started. Engaged in this round are 47 candidates from the Freedom and Justice party (FJP).

Closing Statement of the National Coalition’s Conference to Support Syrian Revolution

In light of the revolution taking place in Syria and in the midst of the Syrian regime's increasing crimes that has exceeded all limits against our people in the homeland,

Tunisia’s Islamist Nahda Wins Impressive Landslide Victory

Representatives of Tunisia’s Islamist Nahda party have achieved a landslide victory acquiring 8 out of the nine available seats in the Tunisian Association of Young Lawyers.