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Morsi Campaign’s Legal Team Submits 134 Electoral Complaints to Presidential Elections Committee

While Shafiq’s legal team reported 8 formal complaints of electoral ‘violations’, Morsi’s submitted 134, which it discussed with the elections committee earlier on Wednesday.

Press Conference Tuesday to Announce Detailed Results for Morsi’s Victory as President of Egypt

Dr. Morsi’s campaign announces a presser at 11AM (local time; 9AM GMT) on Tuesday, in which it will reveal full details of ballot results confirming Morsi’s victory.

Morsi’s Campaign Declares 52% Victory Based on Official Records from All Polling Stations

Having checked and rechecked ballot-count records, signed by judges in 100% of Egypt’s voting centers, Morsi’s campaign announces their candidate has definitely won 52% of the vote.

Mohamed Morsi Campaign Press Release (1) – Runoff Presidential Elections, Second Day

The second day of the final round of Egypt’s first competitive presidential race in many long decades progressed smoothly enough, despite the scorching hot sun and the ‘usual’ irregularities, violations

Mohamed Morsi Campaign Press Release (1) – Runoff Presidential Elections

Runoff voting started this morning in Egypt’s final round of the presidential elections, as Dr. Morsi’s Campaign calls upon the elections committee supervising the whole process to investigate violations and

Press Release No. 5 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Millions of Egyptians have been turning out to vote for their new president, in a calm and dignified atmosphere, while some worry about the tremendous tasks looming on the horizon

Press Release No. 7 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

It’s looking more certain by the minute that the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate is heading for victory in Egypt’s crucial presidential elections for which polling ended at 9PM (7PM GMT) earlier

Morsi’s Press Center Invites Media for Special Conference This Evening to Monitor Results

The Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate’s information center invites all media outlets to follow the results of the elections and to attend a Press Conference organized by the central campaign of

Darrag: Freedom and Justice Party Legally Fights Media Plotting to Discredit, Vilify FJP

FJP General-Secretary Dr. Darrag vows to fight, with full force of the law, reactionary remnants of the old corrupt regime who are said to be plotting Media maneuvers and violent

Katatni’s Full Speech After His Election As Speaker of People’s Assembly

Gentlemen, the great Egyptian people's members of parliament. We must all give thanks to God for His generosity and bounty, His mercy and blessing to the people of Egypt in