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FJP Press Release No. (19), Second Phase Starts

At eight o'clock, this morning, the second phase of the Egyptian parliamentary elections began. Right from the earliest start, this stage is marked with a huge turnout.

FJP Press Release No. (20), 2nd Phase, Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections 2011-2012

The Egyptian people continued turning out in huge numbers to vote in the first day of the second phase of legislative elections, 2011-2012. This tremendous turnout is hailed as a

FJP Press Release No. (16), End of Run-Off Voting

Polling stations for run-off voting closed their doors after a turnout that ranged from low to average, on the second day, recording a two-day attendance of 30%. During the run-off,

Egyptian Legislative Elections, FJP Press Release No. (15)

The first day of the run-off for the first stage of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections 2011/2012 has ended, with turnout ranging from 20 to 25%, and a noticeable increase

Violations Mar Elections’ Run-offs in Several Provinces, FJP Press Release No. (14)

On this first day of the run-off for the first stage of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections 2011/2012, and until this moment, many abuses and provocations were committed by some

Democratic Alliance: Volunteers Outside Polling Stations to Assist Voters, Not Campaigning

Dr.Yasser Ali, Media Coordinator for the Democratic Alliance in eastern Cairo, asserted that that the youth groups that work to facilitate the electoral process by guiding citizens to their respective

FJP Determined To Comply With The Law

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stressed that the electoral landscape today reflects a marvellous, positive image, in an excellent start to a powerful campaign

Simple formula

In the past few hours, the chronic symptoms of our political malaise got worse. It is the same old story, the same miserable ailment that has been taking its toll

Gamal Mubarak Blames Judges for Low Turnout in the 2005 Presidential Election

WikiLeaks has released a new batch of cables today including 11 originating from the US embassy in Cairo, dating back to the Bush administration in 2005.

United We Stand

Mubarak insists on taking part in the political arena at the age of 82 despite his deteriorating health, while his son Gamal remains in the sidelines ready to succeed him