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Dr. Morsy: The MB’s withdrawal from the elections came as the regime insisted on challenging

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman for the group stressed that the MB’s decision to participate in the elections was the result of total conviction and unanimity of the MB Shura

Siddiqui: Egypt’s election fraud far worse than Haiti’s – and more dangerous

We have had acres of newsprint and hours of broadcasts on the flawed elections in Haiti, a nation of 10 million, which has an understandable emotional hold on us but

Polls’ HEC Results Disappoint Egypt

Egypt strengthened its grip on power by alleging it won the majority of seats in parliament in Sunday’s election which was marred by boycotts, irregularities and accusations of widespread fraud

Background Report on Egyptian Civil Society Election Monitoring in Upcoming Elections

The Egyptian government has steadfastly refused to grant international election monitors access to monitor parliamentary elections this week. Senior Egyptian officials have rebuffed repeated requests from US government officials, claiming

Judges Express Concern over Elections’ Integrity

State-run newspapers and National Democratic Party (NDP) officials continue to live in oblivion announcing Sunday’s parliamentary elections as democratic despite numerous reports of rigging, violations, irregularities and violence.

Peaceful Change Under Threat in Egypt

Egyptians are protesting. The ruling regime has squashed their hopes for peaceful democratic change. What alternatives are there now? The Muslim Brotherhood is bound to its no-violence policy and continues

Observers slam Egypt’s polls

The elections in Egypt has left the country anything but satisfied, wide held rigging, vote buying, ballot stuffing, violence and arbitrary arrests laced the parliament poll.