Port Said


Freedom and Justice Party Launches ‘Six-Point Initiative’ to End Port Said Crisis

Egypt Presidency agrees on FJP six-point bid to bring Port Said crisis to a peaceful end, with the help of a number of prominent public figures.

Rafiq Habib: Civil Disobedience Calls Attempt to Dodge Democratic Entitlement, Elections

According to Coptic Christian thinker Habib, Egypt opposition calls to civil disobedience, boycotting parliamentary elections and setting absurd preconditions for serious dialogue are a futile attempt to avert and undermine

Freedom and Justice Party Welcomes Presidential Port Said Support Decision

Announcing a huge support package for the country’s three Suez Canal cities of Port Said, Suez and Ismailia, Egyptian Presidency vows effective support is soon to follow for Sinai, Upper

Yasser Ali: President Morsi European Tour to Attract Investments

Towards the end of next week, Egypt’s first elected President Morsi visits Belgium and Italy, seeks to encourage European businesses to come to Cairo for great investment opportunities.

Constituent Assembly Seeks to Hear ElBaradei, Zewail and Al-Baz Views, Suggestions

Egypt’s constitution-writing panel has held 50 hearing sessions, received 6500 suggestions for additions to the country’s first post-revolution national charter, and made 21 visits to provinces and universities across the

Dr. Morsi: The City of Port Said Must Once Again Be Free Zone

Freedom and Justice party chief’s presidential campaign stops at the elegant city of Port Said, Sunday, where Dr. Morsi promises to double efforts to achieve greater freedom and prosperity.

Parliament Begins Proceedings to Withdraw Confidence

As Egyptian Parliament draws closer to a final vote of no-confidence against the interim government, Ministers claim innocence of any wrongdoing in the case of NGO foreign funding, and Ganzouri

Farid Ismail: Parliament May Withdraw Confidence from Ganzouri Government

The Freedom and Justice party begins extensive talks and coordination efforts with all political stakeholders and professional experts in Egypt, in order to urgently form a national consensus government as

Lawyers Syndicate Subdivision Elections Favor Brotherhood’s Coalition

While self-styled Egyptian Elite indulge themselves and blame the Egyptian majority for being ‘ignorant’, for choosing ‘the wrong’ men and women to represent them in Parliament, more trade-unionists, students and

Lawyers Syndicate Elections Run Smoothly

Smooth start for Egyptian lawyers’ union elections mark resounding win for Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Committee.