Power Crisis


An agreement to end power crisis in Gaza

The head director of the power plant in Gaza has announced that the station will operate two generators within 24 hours thanks to an agreement between the Palestinian government headed

Gaza Municipality warns of health disaster

The Municipality of Gaza warned of the possibility of a breakdown of the Gaza Strip sewage system if electricity failures in pumps used for the disposal of wastewater in all

Gaza sinks in complete darkness

One can not predict when the crisis of electricity in the Gaza Strip will ever end, it began with the Israeli bombing of Gaza’s only power plant only four years

European delegation in Gaza to discuss power crisis

The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza has announced that a European parliamentary delegation is expected to visit the Gaza Strip by mid May to get acquainted with

OCHA: Most Gaza people still suffer from power crisis

The UN office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs (OCHA) said most of Gaza residents still suffer from power outages due to the low supplies of industrial fuel used to

Hebrew media: Barak, Fayyad responsible for Gaza power crisis

Ehud Barak, the Israeli war minister, has instructed Salam Fayyad, the premier of the illegitimate Ramallah government, to tighten the noose on the Gaza Strip through gradually reducing the payment