Anti-Coup Alliance Response to Military-Installed Putschist Presidency Statement

Following the announcement by the military-appointed president of the failure of negotiations, the pro-democracy, pro-legitimacy coalition holds the putschists responsible for any massacres that their forces may execute against peaceful

Testimony by Ahmed Fahmi, Egyptian Upper House Speaker, Regarding General Sisi’s Claims

Dr. Fahmi’s testimony refuting General Sisi’s claim that Fahmi was witness to President Morsi’s supposed intransigence just before the July 30 coup.

Excerpts from Egyptian President Morsi Wednesday 26 June Speech

The speech of President Morsi Wednesday included a number of revolutionary decisions for immediate implementation to solve citizens’ problems and achieve security and stability across Egypt.

FJP: Opposition Refused to Nominate New Governors; Attempts Coup Against Legitimacy

Having refused to offer candidates for a nationwide governor reshuffle, Egypt’s opposition parties and movements now reject the President’s appointments and plot violence for the anniversary of his first year

Freedom and Justice Party: Treacherous Plot of Persistent Repeated Rumors Continues

Dozens of the ousted regime’s top officials and cronies finance and fuel a determined, desperate plot to topple Egypt’s first elected President.

Freedom and Justice Party in Aswan: ‘Rebel’ Phony Opposition by Ousted Regime Holdovers

According to FJP leader Ahmed, Rebel movement is another manifestation of toppled Mubarak cronies and affiliates – another failing desperate attempt to undermine and destroy postrevolution democratic process.

President Determined to Develop, Rejuvenate Sinai Peninsula

Egyptian President Morsi assures government is not negotiating with criminals in Sinai, while reaffirming commitment to full, comprehensive revitalization of the whole region.

Muslim Brotherhood Denies Intervention or Mediation in Kidnapped Sinai Security Personnel

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood spokesman says claims that President Morsi asked for Brothers to intervene to resolve Security personnel crisis are totally baseless.

Presidency: Sawiris Family Reception Message to All Honorable Businessmen

Having settled certain financial problems with Egyptian tax authorities, Billionaire Naguib Sawiris and his family return to Egypt, received at airport by representatives of the Presidency.

FJP’s Ibrahim: We Extend Our Hand to All in Order to Build Egypt Homeland

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, seeks to cooperate with all Egyptians so as to achieve needed progress and development.