FJP Chairman Katatni: Government Reshuffle Matter for Presidency and Cabinet

Six new ministers may be sworn in Tuesday in limited cabinet changes, while provinces across Egypt will also see a number of governors replaced.

Presidency: Egypt Withdraws from Nuclear Non-Proliferation Talks, Not the Treaty

Egypt’s presidency affirms that the country pulled out of NPT preparatory talks, rather than the treaty itself.

President Morsi Meets with Egyptian Judicial Agencies; Calls Justice Conference

Seeking to remove all obstacles to achieving justice, Egyptian President Morsi agrees with top judges to convene a ‘Justice Conference’ at the Presidency.

Youth Minister: We Will Prepare Youth for Local Councils, Parliament and the Presidency

After decades of neglect, Egypt endeavors to develop youth centers to empower new generations of Egyptians for a brighter future.

Khossos Muslims and Copts in Reconciliation Meeting

As neighbors at home and partners at work, Muslims and Christians in Egypt commit to peaceful coexistence and to foil attempts to stoke sedition.

Heshmat: Parliamentary Poll Postponement Rekindles Political Reconciliation Hopes

Freedom and Justice Party leaders express hope that opposition will join presidential talks for national harmony and broad consensus.

Egypt VP Mahmoud Makki in Televised Interview Sunday, Draft Constitution Best for Egypt

Egyptian VP Makki assures judiciary there is nothing to worry about in President Morsi’s recent Constitutional Declaration, which will be completely cancelled after the new national charter is approved in

Egypt’s Electricity Woes Over Within Days

The Egyptian President’s Office promises a rapid resolution for the country’s crucial problem of repeated daily power cuts, hinting at a long term permanent solution – with the help of

President Morsi Releases 572 Military-Court Detainees in First Presidential Pardon

Endeavoring to free all civilians jailed by court-martial since the revolution, after careful consideration by a special committee formed for the purpose, newly-inaugurated President Morsi pardons 572 internees.

Presidential Statement Affirms Respect for Constitution, Judiciary and Judges

Cairo – Wednesday, July 11, 2012: Translation of the Presidential statement which stresses that the president's decree to reinstate Parliament, overruling the military council’s earlier order to dissolve it, was