Freedom and Justice Party: MPs’ Views Do Not Reflect Party nor Presidential Institution

Freedom and Justice party leader Osama Yassin affirms that personal views expressed by individual lawmakers do not necessarily reflect the party or the presidential institution’s official vision or discourse.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement 1 in Response to General Shafiq’s Allegations, Black Propaganda

‘Big lies’, fabrications, deceptions and false information are Shafiq’s main weapons against the Brotherhood in his desperate race to Egypt’s top job, especially now with only days to go before

Bishop Basanti Calls on Morsi to Protect Rights of Coptic Christians

Bishop of Helwan, southern Cairo, affirms that the Muslim Brotherhood always had a peaceful, honorable history with Christians of Egypt: never attacked any churches or Coptic establishments.

Dr. Morsi Holds SCAF Responsible for Safety of Peaceful Protesters in Abbaseya, Protecting Right to

Amid gunshots and firebombs, hurled cement bricks and other projectiles targeting a group of peaceful protesters near the Egyptian Ministry of Defense in Cairo, neither army troops nor police or

Electoral Commission Announces Electoral Symbols of Presidential Candidates

Egypt’s presidential aspirants have just been handed their official electoral symbols in preparation for elections for Egypt's highest office to be held on 23/24 May, with runoffs slated for 16/17

FJP, Japanese Ambassador Discuss Future Partnership Opportunities

Freedom and Justice Party Receives Japan's Ambassador in Cairo, and discusses future of democratization in Egypt, and partnership opportunities.

Morsi’s Presidential Campaign Kicks Off

Dr. Morsi, Egypt’s newest contender for the country’s top job in the forthcoming presidential elections, launches his campaign with big promises of real rejuvenation of the homeland, with the full

Ashri: Once Again Al-Shater is Barred From Exercising His Political Rights

Adopting the approach and practices of Egypt’s repressive, defunct regime, the elections committee has absurdly insisted on its earlier ruling to disqualify Al-Shater, leaving the FJP’s Dr. Morsi to complete

Egyptian Politicians Ridicule Presidential Bid by Mubarak’s General Omar Suleiman

Having vanished from public view after playing Mubarak’s VP for two weeks, with the start of Egypt’s popular revolution, the longest serving army general vows to be the best guardian

Abdel-Maksoud: No Legal Hurdles for Al-Shater Presidential Candidacy

The Brotherhood’s legal experts reiterate that Egypt’s Al-Shater eligibility to run for the country’s top post is completely unquestionable, thus discrediting gratuitous arguments and quashing outrageous rumors seeking to shake