Egypt’s laborers and employees are gaining political power

While Western and Egyptian media have been preoccupied in recent years with small demonstrations in downtown Cairo protesting the widely-held belief that President Hosni Mubarak is grooming his son Gamal

El-Beradei: If I run for president, I will run as an Independent.

Muslim Brotherhood: Uncertainty overshadows political parties' decisions and the Brotherhood will not nominate any of its members for presidency.

El-Baradei reportedly gets bids from Egyptian parties to run for presidency

Moussa has won the admiration of many ordinary Arabs for his stand on issues such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and Iraq, notably warning Washington it would open the "gates of

Robert Springborg: Mubarak’s Rule

Before starting our interview with Dr. Robert Springborg, one of the most prominent US academics specialized in the Middle East affairs, we should first refer to his book about Mubarak’s