President Hosni Mubarak


Kuwait: Stop Persecuting Egyptian Opposition

Kuwait’s State Security forces should stop arresting and deporting expatriate supporters of Egyptian opposition candidate Dr. Mohammad ElBaradei, Human Rights Watch said Saturday. Kuwait should immediately release all remaining Egyptian

New Brotherhood leader says group not against Mubarak

The new leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's biggest anti-government group, says his movement doesn't oppose President Hosni Mubarak, a remark that may indicate the group's retreat from an overt

EGYPT: New leader won’t advance Muslim Brotherhood on political stage, critics say

The new leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is a conservative ideologue not likely to challenge the government of President Hosni Mubarak.

Bloggers arrested for demonstrating support demand immediate release

The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights submitted a complaint to the Attorney General and the Prosecutor General of Qena Prosecutions.

Regime faces an uncertain transition

Before President Hosni Mubarak stepped on to the podium at the ruling National Democratic Party conference last month, delegates were treated to a short video clip showing successive outbursts of