President Mubarak


Rights Groups challenge Egypt’s 30 year Emergency Law

Egypt's emergency law has been imposed for nearly three decades by President Mubarak following his coming into power after President Sadat's assassination in 1981

President Mubarak meets with Mitchell

They discussed in their meeting the efforts exerted to revive the indirect negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis, working to reach the two state-solution, and lifting the siege on Gaza.

MB opposition bloc confirms blocking of polling stations

Muslim Brotherhood, supporters were prevented from coming near the polling stations as both uniformed police and agents dressed in civilian clothes chased the followers and supporters from the premises

MB and the upcoming phase, accepting the challenge

Observers describe the coming phase in the movements history as "changing and crucial" with the arrival of the eighth MB Chairman to the scene.

A Grim Year for the Middle East

2009, begun with Israel’s murderous assault on Gaza, was a year of great torment and much misery in the Middle East.

Open Letter To President Mubarak From The Gaza Freedom March

Dear President Mubarak; We, representing 1,362 individuals from 43 countries arriving in Cairo to participate in the Gaza Freedom March, are pleading to the Egyptians and your reputation for hospitality.

Once again the government has outdone itself by imposing more taxes

Saad Hussein, member of the MP Parliamentary bloc, commented on the TV interview with Dr. Boutros Ghali, Minister of Finance, where he stated that President Mubarak and his family are

Middle Eastern Democrats and Their Vision of the Future, Keynote Address

The National Endowment for Democracy hosted a day-long meeting to discuss the ongoing prospects for democracy in the Middle East.

Morsi: Palestine Witnesses Deaths, Exchange of Role among Murderers and Usurpers

Palestine is witnessing deaths and acts of usurping in Gaza Strip and an exchange of roles among killers and members of the Zionist gangs, said a top Muslim Brotherhood leader

Morsy: No Contradiction Between Doha, Kuwait, Other Summits, Must Be Complementary

Morsy explained that the economic summit in Kuwait may have its influence in pressuring Israel economically while the Doha summit may have its positive political influence in affirming its support